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I have been discovering, identifying, valuing, buying, selling, researching and writing about antique clocks for over 50 years, specialising in British lantern clocks, longcase clocks and bracket clocks. I am known to collectors, auctioneers and museums worldwide for my vast experience and expertise in British antique clocks, some of which is set out in the thirty standard reference books and over seven hundred articles I have written on the subject. I am the longest-established dealer in antique clocks in Britain, having been dealing in them since 1966. Anyone, who knows anything about antique clocks, will know my name and will know, and use, my books.

Antique Lantern Clocks

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Clocks in the Spotlight: the fascinating stories we uncover as we identify antique clocks for our clients. Discover the 'London Mahogany' style of John Waldron, and a very interesting 17th-century maker, Thomas Bagley.

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I am especially proud to offer a few of the rare lantern clocks, including two by this gentleman and genius of a clockmaker, William Raynes, made in his York period. He was the finest maker in the North at this period to the point where at times he can almost make Tompion look like a dunce. One of his longcase clocks is said to be the oldest surviving in the north of England.

Valuations, appraisals and identification

Want to know about your clock? Do you want to identify or value a British antique clock (English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish), or find out what is known about its maker, its style, its quality? It might be a clock you already own in the family or one you are thinking of buying: a longcase clock (also known as a grandfather clock or tall clock), a bracket clock, a wall clock, or a lantern clock.

Perhaps you need a valuation for insurance, selling, probate or family division. Or you're looking for an appraisal, assistance with a clock purchase, or consultancy?

Have a look at our valuations, appraisals and identification section and Contact us by email only, please, NOT by phone nor text. with your enquiries.

Buying and selling on commission

We offer two related services:

We will sell your clock for you on a commission basis of 10% of the agreed selling price.
Potential buyers can send us details by email of what you are looking for - clocks by a maker or of a certain surname, or made in a certain town or village, or clocks by a certain clock-making ancestor.

See full details about our commission services.


How to obtain titles by Brian Loomes, including the hard-to-find 'British Clocks Illustrated', available direct from us.

NEW - Can you help with our research into lantern clocks?

With the best three experts in the world I am working on the very oldest English-made lantern clocks. We are making ground-breaking progress and re-writing the history of clocks, but we need your help. Find out how >>


clocks We have on this website around 150 extensively researched articles by Brian Loomes on:

Our newest series of articles highlights some of the clocks brought to us for identification and tells the fascinating stories that our research has uncovered. Does your clock have a story to reveal?

There is also a large archive of sold clocks, showing many different examples of both lantern and longcase clocks.

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