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We have a large archive of sold clocks, and almost 150 articles by Brian Loomes on clock collecting, clockmakers and clock care and identification. For more information, please click the links on the right.

Winners of the 2001 BACA award for excellence under the category of specialist clock dealers, judged on 1. quality of service, 2. consistent quality of stock, 3. depth of knowledge.

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Antique Clock Valuations, Identification, Appraisal and History

Find out about your antique clock

Initial enquiries by email please. If you use the contact form to set out brief details, I will respond by email, usually the same day.

You cannot expect to identify your clock by typing the maker's name into a search engine and hoping someone will provide you with the answer free of charge.

If you have a clock you wish to find out more about - this is a professional service I offer, for which the fee is £60.00 sterling.

My qualifications for doing this consist of over 50 years' experience (since 1966) in buying, selling and valuing clocks. In that time I have undertaken my own original researches in ancient records into clocks and clockmakers, the results of which are published in some thirty reference books. My wife and I were winners in 2001 of the BACA award for excellence based among other things on depth of knowledge of the subject. I was also presented with the exceptionally unusual award of an Honorary Fellowship of the British Horological Institute for services to horology.

This service covers one of several aspects. Let me know which one you want

  1. VALUATION - for insurance or sale.

    I can value your clock for you, giving its insurance value or selling value - depending on which one you want. The two are very different. This can include identification of its age, the maker's known working dates and an appraisal of the clock's genuineness - if you want those aspects.

    Your insurance company will insist on a written valuation by a recognised professional valuer with particular expertise in clocks, and this is what I can supply.


    If you simply want to know the age of your clock, whether it is genuine, any alterations as well as the maker's known details, and any other information of a historical nature that we can uncover, then I can provide that.


    If you are thinking of buying a particular clock and have concerns about its genuineness or value, I can probably help you. I would need to see detailed images. Send me an email to discuss how to go about this.



Contact me in the first instance via our contact page and I will respond by email, usually the same day.

For a longcase clock I would need to see a photograph of the whole clock plus a head-and-shoulders such as will reveal detail of the dial and hood. For most purposes this is adequate, but to investigate genuineness I may need images of the mechanics too. For other clocks three or four photographs are usually enough. If I need more I will come back to you.

Just send initially no more than five images by email as single jpeg attachments of reasonable size (about 1 MB each). Please do not email photographs in 'packages', 'boxes'. 'parcels', 'photoclubs' or bizarre systems I would need to enrol into.


FOR THIS SERVICE I CHARGE A SET FEE OF £60 STERLING (currently $100 US), regardless of value. I am afraid I don't carry out valuations, identifications or appraisals free of charge.

Payment in sterling by cheque made out to 'B. Loomes' drawn on a UK branch of any bank. (If this is difficult for overseas clients, then I will suggest other methods of payment.) Post your cheque to: Brian Loomes, Calf Haugh Farmhouse, Street Lane, Bewerley, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3 5HW, England.



A few recent appraisal comments

"What a magnificent piece of research! You are a wizard. … Many, many thanks." East Sussex. UK.
" … cannot tell you how much we appreciate your help … a note to say how greatly we appreciate all your work and thoughtfulness in every detail, how readily you answer our multitude of questions and are so wonderfully generous with the information you provide. You have our heartfelt thanks!" Columbia, Pennsylvania.
"Thanks, Brian. Much appreciated." Bristol, UK.
"I am delighted with your opinion and estimate for insurance purposes. I was a little concerned that the clock may not be right. I am thrilled with your report, it makes the clock much more interesting and although not by one of the better known makers and of that higher standard it appeals to me very much for its simple honesty. Again thank you very much for your research and report." Middlesex, UK.
"Thank you for your results - fascinating." Sussex.
"Thank you very much for these well researched reports. We hadn't known very much about the clock and were very pleased with all the history and information you were able to provide. We also appreciated your opinion of the 'fine quality' movement and the excellent condition of the case. We were perhaps a little disappointed in the valuation but also realize that there is not currently much demand for such clocks. We will probably follow your recommendation and keep it for now - and appreciate it more than ever." Washington, DC, USA.
"Thank you so much for your expertise. Although I'm a bit disappointed that it has little value, it's good to know its history. Thanks again." Wisconsin, USA
"Thanks for having a look. Your clock books are a genuine treasure in my library. The passion and depth is clear. An achievement to be very proud of. Thank you for being such a good educator!" Pennsylvania, USA.
"A very nice and helpful write up." Virginia, USA.
"Thank you so much for sending this wonderful article. I will keep it with the clock to authenticate it for my family. It is wonderful to have an in depth look at this clock that I enjoy, and have it’s history confirmed by an expert. It is a beautiful article filled with perceptions of the time and interesting facts about the clock maker and his life.
Thank you again for this association, and I hope you continue to keep us informed about the wonderful history of these clocks.
I appreciate you." Arkansas, USA.
"Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you provided. The history of the clockmaker is fascinating and I would think he would be proud that his work is still here and giving pleasure every day to its owner. Again, I appreciate your expertise and the detailed information you sent." Arkansas, USA
"Very many thanks for the work you are doing in researching my clock. It is lovely to be finding out about its history after so long. I really appreciate all you are doing. Many thanks for the information you sent. It is good to know that the clock is genuinely old and also to have learnt about its maker, very interesting. I have appreciated the close attention you have paid to my request. When the clock strikes now it certainly means much more to me." Lancashire, UK.
"Great reading and thank you for all your hard work. …Again many thanks for your work." Georgia, USA
"Many thanks for your swift and thorough response." Surrey, UK.
"Thank you for your expert analysis. While it is disappointing to learn that it is not authentic, we still love our clock" Minnesota, USA.

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Our valuation/identification/appraisal service costs £60 (currently $100 US)